Sunday, March 28, 2010


Although Macau reverts to Chinese rule in 1999, in the meantime the people continue to speak Portuguese. Hong Kongers come here for a weekend sojourn to relax, eat, buy furniture, and more importantly, gamble. In Macau, casinos proliferate. The Hotel Lisboa is one of the oldest in town. In additionto the casinos, Macau also offers a melange of Chinese and Portuguese cuisine; try Os Gatos, Littorial, or Fernando's by the sea. Spread the night in Macau, explore the street and be merry.

Tips on how to reach Macau:-
Take the Macau Ferry from the Macau Ferry pier in Central, but do remember to bring your passport. Hong Kong - Macau Hydrofoil 23070880 for the timetable. Macau Tourist Information 28572287.

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