Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Billionaire

A dream is a picture in your mind. It may be a real dream like when you go to sleep and wake up, yet then again it can be a dream that was written down when you were fully awake, or it could be something you wrote on a napkin one day that really inspired you. You may believe money is gravitating towards you, yet more importantly have a dream that relates to a way you will make this money and what great impact your product or service will have on the lives of people who buy or use it. Great dreamers have plans in their life and goals, and can visualize money sitting on their door step or being deposited into their bank account because they've done something great for others, for the world, or to change the world. Great dreamers and visionaries also see that their dream goes beyond just the money, yet it's the inspiration, or the passion to make or do something great that will change the world.

Establish a Vision - A vision is basically like a goal, something you look forward to seeing, a mindset, something you have your eyes on.

Have a passion. For whatever you do, be passionate about it. If you love sandwiches, start a restaurant and branch it out! Stay dedicated, start with a few shops, branch them out, and open more. You too can become a billionaire like Fred Deluca the founder of Subway. It's also good to note how important networking is, as if Fred never met his friend to help him start the first sandwich shop known as Pete's Sandwich Shop, then he would have not been able to start the first one. Talk to a few billionaires if you can find them, and they might be able to lift you off the ground to pursue your passion.

You've got to have money to make money. If it's not money, you've got to have something great, a product, an amazing idea, or simply a belief in something great in order to make something great come to life.

Well known billionaires such as Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn all took the money they made and invested it. They learned how to invest, and invested in products or services where they had passions, interests, and understandings.

So, the first lesson to becoming a billionaire is that you can make lots of money if you learn how to manage your investing portfolio like a pro.


This is of course easier said than done... Many billionaires aren't even prepared to explain their strategy, or if their strategy is proven, yet one thing to know is that they have a strategy. They double down when times are tough, they take the risks, and they invest in their interests and stick up for the companies they believe in.

For instance, Warren Buffett is a dyed-in-the-wool value investor. This strategy has allowed himt o achieve annual returns on his investment of more than 20% for 40 plus years. He invested in companies that he believed had competitive advantages such as GEICO, and as of 2008 he held a stake in Goldman Sachs. Most investors who are successful because they figured out a strategy, and stick to their practice in any economy, whether the economy is good or bad.

If you have a big dream, something that can change the world, or something you think can help a lot of people out, a way to do something better, don't give up on it! Becoming a billionaire is not only about making money, it's about making a difference!

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