Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mr Wolfensten Schultz

I had received lots of fraud emails stated that a huge amount of money have to be claimed lately... Here is one of the best fraud email:


Dear Sir/Madam,In a bid to ease the living conditions of our fans/customers all over the world in this dark period of economic crunch Where many companies are closing and families have lost their homes and means of livelihood.

Mercedes-Benz.de in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz.co.uk sends you this mail with the aim of giving you the opportunity of becoming a proud beneficiary of the 2010 charity promotions with a cash sum of 850,000:00GBP (Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds ) by being part of our online quiz competition.

If you have never had a Mercedes-Benz,this is your chance to benefit from our company while if you have had any of our products this is your opportunity of enjoying some of our benefits apart from the comfortability and efficiency of our products.Just answer the simple questions asked below.

1, Which of these is manufactured by
(A), X5 (B), SLR MCLAREN (C), Z4
2, Emil Jellinek named a special car made for him after the name of
his 10 year old daughter, what was her name?
3, Name two cars that Mercedes-Benz Manufactured.
(A), X5 & E-CLASS (B), Z4 & K-CLASS

There are other Mercedes-Benz cash consolation prizes for candidates who may fall short of the answers.

Send your answers along with your
name, sex, Phone Number,country and occupation to:

NAME: Mr Wolfensten Schultz
EMAIL: wolfensteinschultz_mr@live.de
PHONE: +44-702-402-9366

Yours Sincerely,and Good Luck,
Stratford Homes (Chief Monitoring Officer)

This Promotion is endorsed and licensed by
The Mercedes-Benz Company.
Material Copyright©2010. All Rights Reserved
www.mercedes-benz.de and www.mercedes-benz.co.uk

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