Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sarawak For Change


Sarawakians cry for momentous change, UBAH is unstoppable! Together we support the brave voters-the poor, the suppressed, the oppressed and the downtrodden. UBAH is the epic “War Cry”, heard loud and clear among the Sarawakians.

There are many 4 and 2-legged crocodiles in Sarawak. The former can be easily caught and sold or kept caged in the zoo. But how to deal with the many 2-legged ones. More so, with Mr Deal now in Kuching for the next 6 days. Well, accept the RM angpows, goodies that come your way. But vote with your conscience. Your future and destiny matter most important and not the temporary handouts. Your vote is secret. Strike X for PR.

The right to govern Sarawak, the Land of the Hornbills must rightfully returned to the Dayaks. Dayaks who are bumiputras and comprising of the various tribes and natives of Sarawak. They are in the majority. Remember Tawi Sli and Stephen Kalong Ningkan. Ubah! The epic “war cry” in the Sarawak’s state elections hustings.

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