Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fit Tools To Your Needs & Use It Wisely

There are many technological tools that may help us to manage our time better, such as cell phones, computers and others.
Before choosing these tools, ask our self:
1. Do I need it?
2. Do I need all its features?
3. Is it easy to use?
4. How reliable is it?
5. How long will it meet my needs?

We must know what we want, get what we want, search intelligently and quickly on the information properly before deciding an investing on the right tools that benefit us.

Work environment is important to time management. Supportive work environment should have the following:
a) Comfortable and ergonomic chair;
b) Bright lighting;
c) Comfortable and constant temperature
d) Window
e) Sufficient work place
f) Storage for active materials.

We need to be more productive with our computer system by deleting unused files and free up space, back up data, install and learn features of the needed programs. Emails should be concise and brief using clear and interesting subject, avoid using all caps and copy only to relevant persons. To send long messages as attachments not email text, check and delete messages, regularly use phone calls for important messages, check grammar and spelling and use auto response when away.

Filing is important for time management and the three suggestions for more time-efficient filing system are:
a) Pick the most appropriate order from four major orders- alphabetic, topical, numeric and chronological;
b) Naming files simply and logically by putting a noun first then a modifier and place documents within a folder with the most recent documents first;
c) Prune files periodically at least once a month by spending an hour thinning files and move necessary documents to storage.

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